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6 November 2015

Once upon a time...Harrogate Spring Water

Once upon a time...Harrogate Spring Water
Many years ago, in a distant land known as Harrogate, a celebration was taking place, as a great man, who went by the name of William Slingsby, had made a marvellous discovery. He discovered that a well – known to you and I as Tewit Well – contained the most powerful water in all the world.

Anyone who tried the magical water (and there were a lot who did) claimed that any ailments or ill health that they possessed were instantly restored to normal. The greatest people from across the kingdom soon began to flock to little Harrogate, as rumours of the elixir spread far and wide.

It wasn’t long before a very clever man had an excellent idea, and the idea was this: the water of Harrogate should be shared with everyone across the country who wanted to try it, and so, he made a bottle and filled it with water from the magical well. And this became the first bottled water in Britain.

As people across the kingdom drank to their good health with bottles of Harrogate water, the demand grew and grew; so much so that the water was soon being taken out on the finest ships to kingdoms far far away.

And that was how Harrogate Spring Water came to be. Since the very first bottle was stoppered all those years ago, the elixir of Harrogate is now enjoyed by people across the globe as a revitalizing still water and an invigorating sparkling water.

People today still feel refreshed and revitalised with just a sip of the renowned water, and following its legacy as the first original bottled water in Britain, it’s also known for inspiring originality. No matter what a person’s interests, whether they be art, design or anything at all, it’s possible to be inspired with a mere drop of Harrogate’s original spring water.

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