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4 September 2015

Once upon a time.... Source Marketing Communications

Once upon a time.... Source Marketing Communications

In 2001, two ‘youngish’ men, Peter and Steve, decided to head towards the bright lights of Leeds to make their fortune in the world of PR and marketing.

Armed with a borrowed laptop, driving a hire car and working out of a serviced office they soon started to spread the message that Source Marketing Communications was open for business.

News of the new venture spread across the world and soon new and old clients were beating a path to their door.

The work became so plentiful that they sent a message out via carrier pigeon for someone to come and join the team, and it wasn’t long before Daniel appeared over the horizon in his tatty suit and carrying a battered briefcase.

Things have come on apace since those faraway days 14 years ago. They each have their own computer and carry mobile phones that take pictures and send emails. Photographic prints are no longer required, the fax machine is hardly ever used and people are now working out of virtual offices.

Martha has also joined the team teaching them all there is to know about social media and content marketing. Apparently we have been doing the latter for years but we used to call it articles and press releases!

And so it came to pass that they all resided in an office overlooking Park Square spreading good news stories about their clients and making everyone happy!


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