The Firecracker Ball

In 2019, the event raised


to help Barnardo’s reach out to vulnerable children.

15 September 2015

Once upon a time... The Angels

Once upon a time... The Angels

Long long ago, London was home to a beautiful Princess, who planned the best parties, full of glitz and glamour.

However she knew that in a distant Kingdom far away known as Yorkshire, a highly creative led event company was required. They needed a party or two and so The Angels was born, after all who doesn’t need an angel!

The Princess, now turned Angel, from media centre in Leeds built the foundations of the best Events agency in Yorkshire and spread glitter dust upon all she touched.

12 years later a strong team of Angels work all over Europe planning and delivering innovative, highly creative and strategic events. They deliver beauty and glamour, they help raise money for wonderful charities where they can, they plan for every eventuality, but above all they make sure it’s an event never to be forgotten.

The Archangel and her Angels moved to a beautiful office in the centre of Harrogate overlooking parkland known as the Stray. They have a warehouse full of magical wonder, a fleet of winged vehicles, worked regularly with the country’s top industry suppliers and continue to build an ever growing client base across a broad spectrum of events.

And so it came to pass that in the year two thousand and five Archangel Eleanor met Mr Philip Taylor and from Stunning Ice and Fire, to a chocolatey World of Willy Wonka they worked together to deliver and help build the Firecracker as THE Yorkshire charity ball, raising hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Now in their 10th year of working together with the Firecracker Ball, The Angels are busy sprinkling wonder over the Park of Rudding to create a land of “Once Upon a Time”.

We can’t give away any Once Upon a Time secrets just yet, but we can remind you how amazing last year was.


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